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Custom Fit Drop Forwards
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Want to order a Custom Fit Drop Forward?  Well here's how:
First thing you need to do is write down the specs you want your drop forward to have. 
-You need the lengths of each peice where it is bent at, and the angle of each bend. 
-Make sure it all adds up, and that the total length doesn't go over 12 inches.  
-Write down the hole pattern, making sure I have all the information I need to determine where the holes will be drilled. 
-Specify what type of finish you want on it, whether it be black, polished, or blank.  
-Circle YES if you want a screw set, if not, then circle NO.  
-Write down the diameter of the holes.
-Use a ruler and a protactor when making your measurements.
Take a look at the examples below to get an idea of what I mean by writing your own specs.


Also, it would be helpful, if on the paper, you drew it to SCALE.  That way I can simply hold it up to the paper to be absolutly sure I got it exactly how you want it.  You can use this form below to make it easier to write the specs.  Just copy and paste it, and print it off.  Then write the specs on it.  Make sure you have the right total price to. (check the prices page if you are uncertain)  Also, print in landscape(just easier this way)


For payment, I accept paypal, money order, or cashiers checks.  If you use a money order or cashiers check, just send it along with the specs.  If you are using paypal, be sure to include your name and address so I know which package is yours.
Send to:
Danny Hankner
1001 Battles Drive
Maquoketa, IA 52060
Make all payments out to Danny Hankner.
Paypal payments send to