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Custom Fit Drop Forwards
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy a Custom Fit Drop Forward?
Whats so much better about a custom fit drop forward compared to your regular drop forward?  Well, theres several reasons.  First is that your average aftermarket Drop runs about $25.  Plus your going to pay atleast $7 in shipping.  Thats $10-20 more.  Not only that, but the cheaper drop forwards you can buy barely do anything.  They are about an inch and a half long...I don't even know why people buy them!
What about airsmiths?  Well, theres a few that can you make you some....and yes, they're nicer.  However, the cost is MUCH more, and not to mention the time it takes to get to you.  Custom Fit drops get to you in about a week.  Drops from them generally take months.
How much do the Drop Forwards cost?
Check the Prices page
How do I order Drop Forwards?
Check the ordering page
Whats with the wierd ordering system?  Why can't I just order like on a regular website?
Well, for one, we're not a regular website:)  The reason you have to write your own specs is that, well, it's just to hard for me to set up something on the web, especially being under tripod.  Not only would it be hard to set it up, but it would take forever, and most likely there would be LOTS of bugs.  So in the end, it's just easier for the both of us.  Maybe some day in the future I'l have something where you can do it all online.
I want to order a Drop forward, but I don't know how it should be made?  What would you recommend?
The main reason people order Custom Fit Drop Forwards is because they can be made any way they want.  Most people have an idea of where they like the tank to be on the gun.  Some prefer it way up front, while others prefer it pushed only a little bit forward.  I, however, like my tank centered perfectly under the grip, with only about an inch of space between the drop and the bottom of the grip frame.  My suggestion to you is try out other peoples guns and see what you like.  If not, then go with it centered.
How long does it take to get the Drop Forward made and sent to me?
As soon as the money and specs are sent, I can start making it.  After I get what I need, I will make it and ship it out within a few days.  So it generaly takes about a week or so.
I have a different style of ASA, can I still have you make me a drop forward?
YES!  We now accept any style of hole patterns and sizes!
How can I get a hold of you?
Shoot me an email.
I want a Drop Forward that is a little longer than 12", can you still make it?
Possibly.  If you want a drop longer that 12" email me.
I want a different finish besides black or polished, can you give me a different color?
Currently I'm only doing those two.  You can always order a blank drop forward and paint it yourself.  However, if I get enough requests, then possibly in the future I might do more colors.